Getting Your Car Serviced Can Help You Spot Any Issues And Fix Them Before They Cause A Breakdown. Regular Servicing Also Helps To Prolong The Life Of Your Car. A Complete Service History Can Even Help With The Resale Value Of Your Car As It Shows That It’s Been Well Looked After

Getting Back On The Road After An Accident Could Not Be Easier. We’re Always Here To Help

Change Your Tyres When The Tread Depth Falls Below The Legal Limit Of 1.6mm. You May Also Need To Replace Your Tyres If They Are Damaged And Cannot Be Repaired.

Allows Toe Adjustments Of Individual Wheels Which Ensure The Steering Wheel Is Set Straight. Further Adjustments Of Camber, Caster And Other Angles (Where Necessary) Can Ensure Optimum Performance And Extend The Life Of Tyres And Steering Components

MOT Test Is To Ensure The Vehicle Meets The Minimum Safety Level Required By Law


Re-Gassing Your Car’s AC Is The Main Way To Keep It Working Well. Over Time, The Refrigerant Gas Inside The Car’s Air Conditioning Can Leak Out, Making It Struggle To Cool The Air. Re-Gassing The Air Con Means Removing The Old Refrigerant And Refilling It With New Refrigerant

A Car Diagnostic Test Will Deliver Details From Your Car’s Many Sensors To Alert Your Technician To Which Component Isn’t Working Correctly. Armed With This New Information, Your Mechanic, With Their Wealth Of Experience And Knowledge, Will Perform A Deep-Dive Into Locating The Real Problem

If You’re Experiencing A Grinding Noise While You’re Applying Pressure To The Brake Pedal, Your Brake Pads Need To Be Replaced

If You Feel Your Car Vibrating As You Brake, It Is A Sign That Your Brake Discs Might Be Abnormally Worn Or Have Suffered Thermal Damage Following Severe Braking.

When The Gases Can Escape, Your Engine Runs Smoother. When The Exhaust Flows Better, The Fuel And Air Exit The Combustion Chamber Faster And New Fuel And Air Can Be Burned To Create More Power
This System Provides Some Important Functions That Include Noise Control And The Directing Of Exhaust Fumes Away From Passengers. It Is Important To Check The Health Of Your Exhaust System To Ensure There Are No Leaks That Could Allow Damaging Carbon Monoxide Into Your Vehicle.

It’s Important To Replace Your Timing Belt At The Mileage Intervals Your Vehicle Manufacturer Recommends. Every Manufacturer Is Different, But Typically, It Needs To Be Replaced Every 60,000–100,000 Miles. … Because The Timing Belt Is Made Of Rubber, It Will Wear Down Over Time And Eventually Break


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John Smith
Total confidence that the work is high quality and value for money. The guys are very accommodating and are also willing to drop everything to help in emergencies (baby locked in car with keys; one of several urgent issues that needed attention). Highly recommend this garage. Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Value
Keith Adam
John Smith
A really efficient service repairing some serious damage on the front and wing panels of our Ford Focus from a hit and run. Very reasonable price and an amazing repair and bodywork job.
Steve Jobs
John Smith
I came here for the first time to have my MOT done and what a great service I received. Friendly staff and was done in an hour. Would highly recommend them.
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